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Our children must be prepared to face the high literacy demands of the 21st century. Not only are children required to read and comprehend print as well as digital information with accuracy, they must be able to think critically, discern truth, collaborate, make sound judgements, problem solve, and much more.

Consider supporting literacy in the community.

Check out organizations that already exist in the community that serve children before, during, or after school.

Once you locate an organization, find out if they offer books to children or sponsor trips to the local library.

Get free or low-cost books from yard sales and the local library. Most sales begin in the spring and run through the fall. Donate the books to the organization.

Reach out to other parents and caring adults and encourage them to join the effort.

Hard working, committed teachers provide literacy instruction throughout the school day on a daily basis. But they can’t do it alone. Parents and concerned adults in the community at large play a major role.

You have the power to participate.

You have the power to do your part in the development of competent, confident readers ready to meet the challenges of the world.

Whether you are a trained educator or just have a desire to support a young reader, the 10 STEPS TO READING SUCCESS PROCESS provides practical strategies that you can begin implementing today.

Share your journey in the comment box below.

How you have used any of the steps so far?

What progress have you achieved?

Next week we look at Step 8 – DISCOVER YOUR CHILD’S INTERESTS

Be well and may your day be filled with:


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