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Back to Basics - Back to School

It's that wonderful time of year that we have all been waiting for. Back packs, clothes, sneakers/shoes and, school supplies are ready. Speaking of school supplies, you thought you'd never finish getting everything on "THE LIST".

Pencils - check

Highlighters - check

2 Marble notebooks - check

Homework pad - check

3 Loose leaf binders - check

Paper for the loose leaf binders - check

Multi colored sticky notes - check

Calculator - check

Tissues - check

And the list goes on and on...

Now that your child is about to start a new school year, here are a few pointers to help make this the best year yet.

Write a note to your child's teacher(s) introducing yourself and include your contact information. Let the teacher(s) know you are ready to partner with them to ensure that your child is successful.

Do everything you can to help your child start each day with an "I CAN DO IT!" attitude.

Support your child's organizational skills. Each night make sure homework is neatly packed away to avoid rushing in the morning.

Make sure your child has a nutritious breakfast, whether it's at home or school.

And most importantly, make sure your child READS every night. Whether they choose graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction or comic books. Just make sure they read.

Don't worry, I'll be sharing pointers every week to help your child become a confident, competent reader.

Finally, if you plan to be in the Northern New Jersey area on Saturday, September 16th, come to the Newark Public Library Back to School Book Fair. Follow the link below for my video about this exciting event!

Until next time...

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