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KP Carter, The Literacy Whisperer, is the founder of KP Carter Writes LLC. She helps parents and educators to grow joyful readers. KP writes middle-grade fiction to inform readers about significant social issues. Her books are sprinkled with humor, inspiration, and encouragement to support youth as they navigate the obstacles on life’s path.

She is also the creator of the Ten Steps to Reading Success - Progressive Parents Promoting Literacy Workshop. Parents learn evidence-based strategies and tips to help their child become a competent confident reader. 
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Book 1 - Summertime with Lizzie B. Hayes

Lizzie is about a precocious, bright, accident prone girl who loves to be the center of attention. Set in Newark, NJ in the 1960's, Lizzie and her colorful family live through one of the most significant times in United States history.

Lizzie B. Hayes Series

Lizzie B. Hayes and
the Seventh Grade Secret
Coming in 2022!

People Talk
Ten Steps to Reading Success
Supporting the literacy needs of all children
People Talk

"This book is a must read for anyone that wants to experience the nostalgia of growing up with family, playing with friends and experiencing the bond of family. My son who is 12 absolutely loved this book and has taken it to his school for others to read. Well written for the middle school age as well as for those older. We look forward to other works from the author!"

S. Parker-Basia, Parent

"I really enjoyed reading the book Summertime with Lizzie B. Hayes.  I was reading it when I was spending time with my Aunt Denise in Newark, NJ.  I liked the fact that Lizzie never gave up trying to stay in Newark, NJ when she didn’t want to go to South Philadelphia.  However, when she got there she really liked it and didn’t want to come home when the two weeks were up.  I am waiting for there to be another book about Lizzie maybe in the fall when she goes back to school.”

Y. Halstead 4th grade student

"Thank you for taking the time to speak to my students. Your presentation was very engaging and filled with music, games, and the history of Newark, NJ.I am truly thankful that you shared your work with us."

W. Brooks - 7th grade teacher

"For anyone trying to share what it was like growing up in Newark during the 60's and 70’s this is a must read. So happy that KP captured the essence of our lives!"

B. Quinn, Media Speciallist


1. Read, Read, Read – Regular reading exercises the brain, improves concentration, improves comprehension, strengthens critical thinking, and increases vocabulary.


2. Read with your child every day – When children are read to on a regular basis, it helps to develop language skills, increases their enjoyment for reading, and promotes their imagination. Model good reading habits daily.


3. Build stamina –  A child’s ability to focus and read independently for extended periods of time supports navigating longer texts and assignments.


4. Maintain a print-rich environment – To promote literacy skills, flood your home with print: books, magazines, wall charts, word cards, etc.


5. Discover interests/motivation – Tap into your child’s passions to motivate them to read.


6. Visit the library/bookstore – Access to free books!  Regular visits to the library can expand your child’s horizons. Books make great gifts.


7. Start a book club – Reading and discussing books with peers increases reading enjoyment.


8. Manage screen time – Create a family media schedule to prevent the negative impact of technology overload.


9. Nurture cultural identity – Children deserve to see themselves in books. It fosters positive self-esteem,  supports feelings, and develops empathy for others.


10. Stay involved/Be an advocate – Children thrive when parents actively support literacy needs. It is vital to stay involved as your child travels on their literary journey.

"This wonderful novel is a delightful tale of a sweet protagonist as she comes of age during the summer of her youth. Readers of all ages will enjoy this journey with the precocious Lizzie and recall the triumphs and challenges of family visits that relate to one and all! I highly recommend Ms. Carter’s book for a trip down memory lane. Children will be served a big helping of fun!"

S. Grain Carter, FIT Professor

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Book 2 -  Lizzie B. Hayes and the Great Camp Caper.  Lizzie is at sleep away camp with the Girl Scouts for two whole weeks. She tries to enjoy the camping experience, learns self care lessons, and discovers what it means to boldly stand up for herself.