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Summertime with
Lizzie B. Hayes
Second Edition


Lizzie B. Hayes
and the
Great Camp Caper
Second Edition

“RIIIIIIIINNNG!!!” The final bell of the school year shrieks and the neighborhood fills with excitement! Eight-year-old Lizzie B. Hayes, along with her cousins, Shu Shu and Mookie, can’t wait to kick off their summer of nonstop fun with all the other kids. Always wanting to be the center of attention, Lizzie is up to her usual antics and has several tricks up her sleeves to guarantee that all eyes will are on her.


Two years later, Lizzie gets ready to leave her beloved neighborhood again during the summer of 1969. Lizzie's bad luck streak has ended, or so she thinks. Thanks to her mother's tenacity and salesmanship, Lizzie wins a Girl Scout Cookie contest. The prize is an all-expense paid two-week camp trip. For the first time, Lizzie must learn to care for herself without the protection of her loving family.

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"This wonderful novel is a delightful tale of a sweet protagonist as she comes of age during the summer of her youth. Readers of all ages will enjoy this journey with the precocious Lizzie and recall the triumphs and challenges of family visits that relate to one and all! I highly recommend Ms. Carter’s book for a trip down memory lane. Children will be served a big helping of fun!"

- S. Grain Carter, FIT Instructor

"Helping a child become a reader is the single most important thing you can do to ensure their success in school and in life."

 ~ KP Carter


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