Lizzie B. Hayes is off on another two-week adventure during the summer of 1969.  Her bad luck streak has ended, or so she thinks.  Thanks to her mother’s salesmanship, Lizzie is a winner in the Girl Scout Cookie contest and wins a free camping trip. But before the buses leave the parking lot for Camp Linelock, Lizzie encounters one of the grouchiest girls she has ever met.  Coco Wilson, who turns out to be the camp bully, has her mind set on making the other campers miserable.  When the troop leader tells Lizzie and Coco to “buddy up” for the overnight camping hike, Lizzie is very upset.  To make matters worse, Lizzie and Coco become separated from the rest of the campers.  Will Lizzie and Coco survive in the wilderness?  What is the real reason Coco bullies everyone - especially Lizzie?


Lizzie B. Hayes and the Great Camp Caper addresses such difficult topics as bullying, aggression and, inappropriate teasing.  Similar to Jacqueline Woodson’s Each Kindness and Trudy Ludwig’s Just Kidding, young readers learn valuable lessons about these behaviors and how to manage their own interactions.

Lizzie B. Hayes and the Great Camp Caper

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