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KP Carter, The Literacy Whisperer, is the founder of KP Carter Writes LLC. She helps parents and educators to grow joyful readers. KP writes middle-grade fiction to inform readers about significant social issues. Her books are sprinkled with humor, inspiration, and encouragement to support youth as they navigate the obstacles on life’s path.



KP always had the heart of a teacher. She is a proud product of the Newark Public Schools in Newark, NJ. From a very early age, KP enjoyed her daily lessons. After school activities included “teaching” her dolls and toys what she had learned in school. It was no surprise that she decided to major in education and earn the BA degree from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. Due to a series of personal missteps, KP spent the entire first year after graduation as a per diem and long-term substitute teacher in four local school districts. Through this experience, she turned lemons into lemonade. KP adjusted to teaching all grade levels. On some days, she found herself huddled on the floor reading to eager kindergarten students. On other days, she taught English to exuberant high school students. Throughout the school year, KP encountered students in all grade levels and with a wide range of abilities. Some required reading remediation and others craved challenges. If she was going to make a real difference in the lives of students, KP needed to hone her craft. The next year, she was awarded a full fellowship to attend the School of Education at Kutztown State University in Kutztown, PA. KP earned her M.Ed. degree and became a certified Reading Specialist


For 35 years, KP served students and teachers in several capacities including classroom teacher, Reading Specialist, Supervisor, Adjunct Professor, and Director of Language Arts and Testing. Although fourth grade was her sweet spot, KP also enjoyed her experiences with students in kindergarten through post high school. At the school district level, KP spent her summer vacations teaching students to prepare for the rigors of high school English and supervising a district wide Title I program. KP was an Adjunct Professor of Remedial Reading and Writing at two community colleges. Through it all, KP’s passion to nurture students’ life-long love of reading remains at the center of all her endeavors.


Now, KP spends her days' tutoring, sharing her books with students, and presenting parent workshops. The parent workshop, Ten Steps to Reading Success - Progressive Parents Promoting Literacy, is an outgrowth of  her desire to help parents who are striving to promote literacy in the home. KP has helped 300+ parents increase their role in the development of children's reading skills.


KP is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and the mother of two adult sons.  Her home library is filled with mysteries, children’s books, science-fiction, professional literature and biographies.  Swimming and dancing help KP maintain an active lifestyle. KP supports her community through volunteer activities with her church and sorority.



One Crazy Summer

Someplace More Than Others


Path To My African Eyes


Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky


The Watsons Go To Birmingham


Every Living Thing

The Tamara Hale Mystery Series


Tanglewood Resort in Pennsylvania

Disney World

The beach

NJ Historical Society

Any library

Great restaurants

My bed after a long day



Macaroni and cheese

Sweet potato pie

Collard greens

Shrimp scampi

BBQ Chicken

All salads





Crossword puzzles


Visiting with my sons

Walking in the park