10 Steps to Reading Success Progressive Parents Promoting Literacy is a two-hour workshop that enables parents to learn practical strategies and engage in hands-on activities that can increase their child’s ability to read effectively.

Parents will be able to teach their kids to..

  • Read fluently

  • Comprehend what they read

  • Become competent confident readers

  • Solve problems

  • Communicate effectively


Topic overview:

  • Literacy definition

  • Reading stamina

  • Print rich environment

  • Motivation tips

  • Libraries and bookstores

  • Tips to monitor homework

  • Book club tips

  • School partnerships


Resources provided:

  • Stamina chart

  • Reading log

  • Reading lists


"I am so happy we came! Very useful information!"

"The workshop was very informative!"


"I will use the 10 Steps!"

"I really needed this!"

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